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About Us


Founded in Sep 2009, our founder Moses Rashid realised there seemed to be a lack of diligent knowledgable recruiters that worked purely in the Advertising market. So, Section:Media was born with a real focus on Transparent Recruitment Consultancy that gets Results. This really means we have a no BS approach. We give proper feedback, communicate throughout, we give good sound objective advice, and of course make sure we get those results for both Clients and Candidates. 

Oh and the best bit,  we have a laugh getting there too. Your success is our success!

Clients: How We Work


-We ensure we understand your business - Structure, Culture, & Opportunity-We ensure we understand your needs, your requirements, your timelines

-We create a shortlist, vetting each candidates suitability for the position

-We make sure each candidate is fully briefed and committed to your process

-We select and provide 3-5 best in class candidates per role who have agreed to being put forward to your position

-Once you've selected who you want to see, we re-brief them to ensure you only get well prepared and committed candidates

-We schedule the interviews in a timely fashion

-We manage the process smoothly & efficiently working towards filling the role

-We communicate effectively throughout making sure we provide you candidate feedback, as well as giving yours to the candidate

-We manage the offer in a transparent manner to ensure you secure the candidate you want

-We'll get results

What's really important to us is that we work in partnership together through all processes. The closer we work together the quicker the hire!

Candidates: How We Work


-We ensure we understand your experience to date

-We ensure we understand more about your short term and long term goals

-We ensure we get to know you as an individual - what your motivations are, what you're like as a person and what type of culture you'll thrive in 

-We ensure that we supply you with the best access to roles in market

-We ensure that we'll not pressure you into seeing clients, this is much about you as it is about them. For us, it's about finding the fit to marry up with your longer term objective

-We'll help you prepare for your interviews

-We ensure that we'll manage all processes smoothly and efficiently

-We ensure we'll give you proper feedback 

-We ensure that when you call  & email us and don't get us, we'll actually call you back - crazy hey 

-We'll give you good sound objective advice based on our market experience

-We'll get results

All we ask is for transparency and in return you'll get the same. The closer we work together, the quicker we'll find you that dream role!


WHAT we cover

Advertising & SaaS Sales


-Digital Sales

-Programmatic Sales


-Events & Sponsorship




Ad Ops & Programmatic


-Media Owner



-DSPs & SSPs

Paid Media




-Media Owner

-B2C & B2B

Our clients

Testimonial - Client

Section:Media care about what they do. They understand  our requirements, and deliver every time.

Testimonial - Candidate

The team just do the simple things right - communication, transparency, and what I love most - they just get it done. I can't recommend  the team at Section:Media enough! 


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Tel: 020 3355 8184


Section Media

15-19 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn, London, WC1A 2LA, United Kingdom

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